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GG Precooler- Green- H:17cm- Ø:60mm- WT:5mm (circa)- SG:18.8mm- 1 x ShowerPerc

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green Grace Glass Precooler - 1x shower percolator

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Podrobná specifikace

This green Grace Glass Precooler is a perfect accessory for your bong. It helps precool your smoke before the latter enters your mouth via your bong. It is made of an excellent heat resistant borosilicate glass. It comes with a green 1x shower percolator that bubbles up your smoke, smoothing this way your toke. The percolator connects to a 3 point green bowl on top through a sure ground of 18.8mm diameter. The green Grace Glass logo features on the chamber. The precooler connects to any suitable bong joint of 18.8mm diameter.

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