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Miroslav Beneš

Slunečná 254, 252 26 Kosoř

IČO: 75309891

B. účet: 51-1994940297/0100

+420 727935181

Kamenná Prodejna

+420 739 525 040

V Hůrkách 9

158 00 Praha - Stodůlky

PO-PÁ : 13:00 - 18:30


+420 727 935 181



Dodací lhůta:

14 dnů


0 ks

Číslo produktu:


H:37CM- Ø:55/45MM- WT:5MM

1 350 Kč


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Podrobná specifikace

This Cane Grace Glass Bong is a fine piece of glass art that will blow your mind! It comes in blue accents upon the robust heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a flat base tube. You can place your precious herbs or tobacco onto the bowl, coming with a handle, that will help you lift it up and clean it at your convenience. The bowl connects to a detachable chillum through a sure ground of 18.8mm diameter. The chillum is used as a diffuser, so as your smoke to spread into the water chamber and get filtered by the water. Your bong includes also a slit hole percolator that will bubble up your smoke, providing you with extra filtration. In addition, some ice noches will hold a few cubes, for cooling your smoke, and a rubber carb stopper at the height of the sure ground will offer you the option of enjoying a different toke angle. With the Grace Glass logo featuring at the top of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a mouthpiece ring for a more pleasant flavor.

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